From YouTube; 2013 NEW Loose Change 3rd Edition! MUST SEE! 9/11 Truth

Dylan Avery’s brilliant documentary “Loose Change” is Must See video material for ALL Americans.

In the YouTube video below Dylan Avery makes an enormously strong case, drawing on many kinds of evidence, that 9/11 was a False Flag Attack that did not happen as the U.S. Government claims.

The attack on the Twin Towers was a defining moment in human history.

For a country that claims to have a democracy, and claims to be “the best country in the world”, TO PLAN AND EXECUTE AN ATTACK ON ITSELF in order to justify two wars overseas, means that “there is something really wrong with the American Government”, and that “something really needs to change”.

It is my feeling that those that planned and executed 9/11 within the confines of the Federal Government were “old men, and old school thinkers”. These “old men” did not realize that “the Growing Power of the Internet” would expose them some day.

I cannot imagine growing up in America today, and not being heavily exposed to 9/11 Truth information, to include the video above.

When I was a teenager back in the 1960′s “we cared” (my friends and I)—> “We cared about America” and “We cared about the World we lived in”. And due to the Vietnam War, “we realized that there was something really wrong with the U.S. Government”, and that “something needed to change”.

However, back in 1968 for us to tackle the Federal Government and try to bring it down was out of the question. We did not even think in this direction much, because–> We knew that we “did not have enough means to do so”. Despite our misgivings about the U.S. Government, we were going to have to put up “with things as they were”, because there was not anything that we could do about them (and we knew it).

In the past 45 years, things sure have changed!

Now we have what is called “the Power of the Internet!”

The Internet did not exist in 1968, nor did Personal Computers or Smart Phones as well.

A little bit of personal history—> In our suburban house in 1968, we sometimes listened to the radio rather than watch TV. Radio was still important, and relatively new technology then. In 1968 I don’t even know “if we had graduated from a B/W TV to a color one yet” (if we did, it was only a year or two prior). Back then we only got a handful of channels (five at most), because TV was “broadcast then”. Our family had an antenna on the roof of our house to pick up local signals of TV stations that were broadcasting nearby. We got perhaps 2 TV channels in Utica, NY clearly, and perhaps 3 channels that came in somewhat fuzzy from Syracuse NY (which was almost 50 miles away).

Today things are so different, Thanks to the Internet! Today there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Bloggers, and Millions of Websites available to us.

And Today Only God, and maybe Google too, knows how many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of YouTube videos there are on the Internet in which to freely see.

One does not even need a computer in which to watch YouTube videos. All that one needs to watch a YouTube video of “even movie legnth” is a small hand held device that is called “a Smart Phone!”.

I know that I am stating the obvious in the above.

However, what is obvious and widely available today “almost could not even be conceived as ever becoming reality” only 50 short years ago.

The young people of today often take technology such as the Internet, computers and smart phones for granted, because this technology existed when they grew up.

As a sixty one year old man, I sure don’t take the Internet, computers and smart phones for granted. These new technologies are absolutely amazing,

In a war, these new technologies represent “far more power than either bullets or bombs”. (Just look at what happened in Tunisia and Egypt not too long ago.)

How can I say that the Internet, computers and smart phones represent “far more power than either bullets or bombs”?

In many wars that were fought in human history, the key to winning the war was “to win the hearts and minds of the people”.

The Internet has the inherent potential “to win the hearts and minds of the people”. It has this potential because the Internet is “An Open and Unrestricted Avenue of Communication” (in the U.S. thus far anyway).

A free and open Internet represents—> An avenue of communication in which Any Single Person Can Be Heard By Many Other Persons, If Not Virtually Everyone, If Need Be.

Any Just Cause At All, from the large to the small, can use the Power of the Internet to effect Justifiable or Needed Social Change.

The YouTube documentary “Loose Change” is a Prime Example of this. One single person became the catalyst in creating a great piece of Internet film; one that has been seen over 100 million times thus far.

Incidentally, “Loose Change” provides a powerful case for a Justifiable Patriot Movement Revolution in America!

My Patriot Movement WordPress Website Development Team and I strongly recommend that you watch the insightful YouTube video shown above, and that You Share this material with all of your family, your all of “real life friends”, and all of your Internet friends as well.

Fall is here, and winter is coming soon. It is Time for many in northern latitudes to be indoors a lot. A Good Idea for something to do one weekend this winter is to have a Saturday afternoon “Loose Change party”, and invite over some or all of your friends. Have a beer, smoke a bowl or two, perhaps order a pizza (or have some healthier food) and watch Dylan Avery perform magic on YouTube as far as “unmasking the Truth” goes!

And then perhaps talk to each other about the Patriot Movement in America, and “what you plan on doing” when a Justifiable Revolution Soon Comes to America!

U.S. Government Internet Censorship may be coming sometime in 2014 (there are some persons that say this is almost a certainty).

It might be wise of you to take advantage of “the Power of a Free and Open Internet” while Content on the Internet is still not U.S. Federal Government Censored and/or Controlled.

Allen D and Mark J


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And Heroic Help from our
San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth!


A Related WordPress Blog:

About Allen D

Hi! How Are You Today?

Please Allow Me 2 Introduce Myself->

My Name is Allen D which is short for Allen Darman.

 I am also known as , and Adogg (or Adogg or ADOGG), a new nickname someone gave me and I like.

Photo on 3-15-13 at 5.58 PM #2

I am an Old Hippie that Went to the Original Woodstock in ’69…


I am a Truth Soldier for God; the “little piece of God in me” also known as “my conscience”.

I am also the Leader of a Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Patriot Movement Team that is pumping out Websites, Web Pages, and WordPress Blogs as fast as we can in an effort to help the brewing Justifiable Revolution here in the United States (and Worldwide as well!). 

Our WordPress Collaborative Patriot Movement Website Development Team has been “Collaborating Intuitively With Each Other Using WordPress” over the Internet since April 2012.

“Collaborating Intuitively With Each Other Using WordPress” means that although a number of people are working together using WordPress to achieve the same ends (an Internet Woodstock or one here… and a Justifiable Revolution In America) and Worldwide as well, we are not in direct contact with each other in any way (such as email, chat, messaging, video conferencing, phone, or talking face to face).

I am the sole Author for our WordPress Collaborative Patriot Movement Website Development Team, but I admit to having more than one “intuitively collaborative editors”. These editors often “steer me” to the copy section that needs work of blogs I am working on. They sometimes also seem to “steer me” to what blogs and websites to work on. These anonymous editors from afar also tell me via a pretty obvious hint whether “I am being too wordy or not” (using too many words is a strong tendency of mine).

Besides being an Internet Patriot Movement Revolutionary in charge of a WordPress Collaborative Internet Team, I also seem to have become “an expert of sorts” in regard to the Suppression of Truth, a man that may have awakened Silicon Valley in regard to the U.S. Government’s Censorship Plans, a Catalyst in Convincing the American Mafia “to Switch Sides” and Work with Silicon Valley to Replace Our Corrupt Federal Government (or so I hope), a Catalyst in Bringing the Upper Echelon of Silicon Valley and the Mafia together “for the Good of Both America and the World” (or so I hope), and a Catalyst in Making the 1st Internet Woodstock Happen Worldwide sooner or later (or so I hope as well).

How did an old hippie from Utica New York, and a man really no different than anyone else, end up being some, or perhaps all, of the above?

My Story to the World got its start in April 2000.

Over thirteen years ago, I knew that I had gained a World Leading Degree of Knowledge in regard to How To Treat A State of Depression, No Matter How Mild Or How Severe, and No Matter How Longstanding.

Over thirteen years ago, I also knew that I had gained a World Leading Degree of Knowledge in regard to How To Cure both Biochemical Depression and Bipolar Disorder, No Matter How Mild Or How Severe, and No Matter How Longstanding.

Over thirteen years ago, I also knew that if I got on the Internet and Determinedly Told The World of What I Had Learned that this was almost certainly going to get me killed, because “it would cost far too many people far too much money”.

In honesty, when I thought things over back in the spring and summer of 2000, I tried to think of any possible way to escape the Destiny that Fate had given to me. No one wants to die at 47 years of age, and I was no different than anyone else.

I thought things over for months (between April 2000 and sometime in July).

My Decision Was—> I had No Choice!

I had to go up against Big Pharma! regardless of what happened to me.

It was “Lose My Soul” or “Lose My Life”.

Frankly, between the two choices I had, I’d rather lose my life.

Those trying to Suppress the Truth in regard to the Discoveries Underlying a Valid Natural Cure for both Depression and Bipolar Disorder (and later Schizophrenia and many other mental, addictive and degenerative illnesses too) first used hackers in order to (1) try to slow me down, (2) to try to discredit me (for when I reported such hacking few believed me), and (3) to try to intimidate me.

I have been chronically hacked and disrupted EVER SINCE I PUT My Son WILLY’S ORIGINAL ADHD/Bipolar
Recovery Story all over the Internet in June 2006

Things got even worse for me Hacking-wise when I posted two Significant Updates to my son Willy’s >>>AMAZING<<< ADHD/Bipolar Disorder Recovery Story in the Internet in 2007 and 2009.

I am the Most Hacked Man on the Planet! No Doubt!

They should put me in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS FOR BEING HACKED SO MUCH since June 2006!

[After seven years of being hacked and disrupted on a regular basis, only in the past three months or so does this hacking seem to have finally let up. I can only hope this relief from being hacked holds up.]

Hacking was not going to stop me from trying to Share with the World what I had Learned, Discovered, and Co-Discovered in the Alternative Medical Realm, and eventually my adversaries realized this.  They knew that they had “to do more than just hack me” if they were going to stop me from my efforts to Share with the World what I knew about Natural Cures.

It is quite apparent to me that “the American Mafia is in bed with Big Pharma”, and that “their fiscal interests are intertwined”.  More than anyone on this planet who is not associated with either Big Pharma or the Mafia, I should know this, as per the below—>

Since January 6, 2010, in regard to Murder Attempts by the Mafia thus far that have Failed, my count only stands at about 35 Failed Attempts, so I would not set the Record in this regard for the Guinness Book of Records.

A man in the Energy Invention Arena NamedAdam Trombly has me Beat, as according to his count he has survived 54 murder attempts! (from some party that is apparently unknown to him).

I am sure glad that I am Number 2 to Adam Trombly!—> Who would want to have any more attempts to take their life? 

It is now November 1, 2013.  At this point in time, I am no longer worried about any murder attempts.

If those wanting to kill me continue on their quest, and succeed in doing so, so be it.

I am no longer worried about dying, because the many lessons that I had to teach America and the World about (1) natural cures, (2) mental and physical health recovery, (3) alternative medical suppression, (4) energy invention suppression, (5) 9/11 truth suppression, (6) federal government suppression of truth, and (7) some significant conceptualization regarding e-Government were all—>

“Adequately Received” by many Smart and Very Capable people in Silicon Valley that are involved in the Computer Software, the Computer Hardware, and/or the Internet Industry in some way.

These Lessons that I Had To Give America and the World Were Received By People That Will Ensure That They Will Never Be Forgotten—> Thanks to People that work for, manage, and/or partially own companies such as Google, Facebook, WordPress, etc.

I am the Happiest man Alive! that’s No Lie!

I am in Heaven—> and I am Not Dead Yet!

Nobody Would Ever Dream that they would ever get this farvs. Big Pharma, the American Mafia and the U.S. Government!

Well, I didn’t get that far—>


Google CorporateFacebook CorporateAutomattic (the company underlying WordPress)Mark Jaquith and the rest of my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet TeamApple (I love my iMac!), etc. WE DID IT!—>

We have developed “a Winning Hand” against All of the Suppressors of Truth, it seems!

The American Mafia Would be Wise to “Switch Sides” and Work With Us.  (We Need Them, and They Need Us, whether this is apparent to all parties concerned yet or not.)

It is pointless to buy 2 billion bullets in preparation for an Inevitable Justifiable Revolution in America.

Any blood spilled trying to prop up a corrupt Corporate Controlled U.S. Government will have substantial and severe repercussions against those persons that were responsible for such.

The corrupt U.S. Government Should Give Up!

The United States Government would be wise to begin negotiations with “Us”, once “We” get on the same page via a process of negotiation that should commence soon. (“Us” and “We” being Silicon Valley and the American Mafia, assuming that the American Mafia Wisely Switches Sides.)

Shutting Down or Heavily Censoring the Internet will not work as a defense. Silicon Valley has too many Smart Folks, and “they have almost certainly prepared for this”.

The Growth, and Soon To Be Exponential Growth, of the Patriot Movement in America cannot be stopped, no matter how hard the federal government or anyone else tries to do so.

War Benefits Nobody. Why Start a War that You Can Not Win?

Let’s All Remain Calm, Cool, and Collected—> and begin to Talk Things Out.

Lastly, if you were to have to “Choose Sides” (as the American Mafia does in the near future), I sure would not want to bet against the exponentially growing Patriot Movement in America. (Some even say that “It is exploding”.)

Allen D and Mark J


Appreciated Help from GoogleFacebookTwitterthe People Underlying WordPress 

And Heroic Help from our
San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 



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